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Unifier 5.1.3

Unifier is a Unicode Converter which converts Text or HTML files to Unicode in UTF-16 or UTF-8 encoding. Features include auto-update of HTML character-set Meta Tag, converting HTML character and numeric entity to raw unicode character, converting between UTF-16 and UTF-8, config profile and command line mode.

Command-Line operation (Unattended mode) is supported and Unifier can be used as a helper application to convert text files for other applications. The download is a fully functional evaluation version. Simple tutorials are included to demonstrate the features of Unifier.


  • Batch Conversion
  • Auto-Update charset meta tag in HTML files
  • Easy to restore configuration by using Config Profile
  • Built-in File Searching to ease converting files in a folder-tree
  • A tool for encoding or decoding HTML Character Entity and Java Unicode Notation
  • Support Unattended Mode and Command-Line Operation. Unifier can be used as a helper application to convert text files for other applications
  • Affordable. Unit price is US$16.5 Only


  • Config. Profile to ease the configuration
  • Detailed Report after conversion
  • Convert HTML Character Entity to Unicode (e.g. ©  → ©)
  • Covert to Unicode, Unicode-Big Endian and UTF-8
  • Convert from UTF16 or UTF-8
  • Auto-Expansion of Shortcut (*.lnk)
  • Automatically Update charset Meta Tag in HTML Files
  • Unattended Mode Operation (i.e. command-line mode)

Character-Set Supported

  • Western (Windows, DOS, Macintosh)
  • ISO8859-1
  • Traditional Chinese (Big5), Simplified Chinese (GB2132/GB18030)
  • Japanese (Shift-JIS/EUC), Korean
  • Arabic, Baltic, Cyrillic, ISCII and much more...

Version 5.0 Highlights

Improved Speed

We have re-written a portion of conversion engine. The conversion speed is greatly enhanced.

Multicore and native 64-bit cpu support

Unifier now runs natively on 64-bit CPU. No emulation, No slowdown. Unifier also supports multicore CPU. The conversion speed is further enhanced when you convert multiple files with a multicore CPU PC.

Vista/Win7 User Interface

More Vista User Interfaces are adopted. It increases productivity and the user interface looks even better.

System Requirement

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista and Winodws 7 (32-bit / 64-bit)


Unifier is now freeware. Please download and register with the following license key:



100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia